From oils & lubricants and reliability services to industrial vac services and waste disposal & recycling services (and OSHA training services, too). Working with Rice you’ll have fewer vendors, PO’s and invoices. And less interruptions.

Beyond ease-of-use, Rice operates on a performance-driven business model. A model that supports our customers’ efforts to increase productivity, profitability and sustainability.

For Rice and its customers, sustainability is the key. We do this with a circular-economy market approach. In simplest terms, we partner with customers to help them operate more sustainably by minimizing waste and making the most of their resources. This includes selling customers less lubricants by making them last longer. (Product-Life Extension through reliability services and specialized industrial services)


Are you getting low on specialty products like synthetic compressor oil, synthetic extreme pressure gear oil, way lubricant, turbine oil, ultra-clean spindle oil and synthetic grease? You can get them all from Rice, as well as bulk glycols (EG & inhibited or uninhibited PG).

Industrial lubricants

Metalworking fluids

Heavy-duty engine oils

Automotive motor oils


Sustainability Services (EMS ISO 14000)

Everything Rice does for customers is through the lens of helping them operate more sustainably - and deliver both good economic results and good environmental outcomes. Sustainability consulting, training and auditing services

Vendor Value Improvement Services (VVI)

Rice offers consulting services to audit either oil, lubricant and fluid vendors and/or industrial services providers to ensure they are operating sustainably and in the customers best interest

Industrial Reliability Services (ISO 4406 Cleanliness)

Making the most of existing resources through product-life extension. This is a perfect example of sustainability. Our reliability services are seamlessly integrated with our sustainability services, specialized industrial cleaning services and environmental services to minimize waste and extend the life of your oils & lubricants while simultaneously supporting a plant’s up-time reliability targets

Specialized Industrial Services

Rice provides turbo vac and power washing services. Our specialized industrial cleaning services are seamlessly integrated with our sustainability services, reliability services and environmental services to minimize waste and extend the life of your oils & lubricants while simultaneously supporting a plant’s up-time reliability targets

OSHA Safety Training Services

Rice offers safety training services, at your facility or ours. We do NOT offer online safety training videos

Non-Hazardous and Universal Waste Recycling and Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal

Rice provides waste disposal and recycling services for container and bulk waste streams

Commercial Vac Services: Oil-Water Separator Cleaning

Is it time to clean out your underground oil-water separator tank?

Trace-The-Waste from Cradle-To-Grave

Like IRS, EPA has a three (3) year document retention requirement. This applies to all records for all waste your company ships off-site. Rice offers a Trace-This-Waste service to track-back each waste stream from Cradle-to-Grave. Includes all Hazardous, Non-Hazardous and Universal waste streams.

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Where is Rice Oil & Environmental?

Founded in 1964, Rice Oil & Environmental is located just off the 76-77 central interchange in Akron, Ohio. We're right around the corner from the University of Akron, Canal Park where the RubberDucks play ball and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


Vacuum Services for Oil-Water Separators

Rice Oil & Environmental, through its specialized division, Rice Oil Sucks, provides vacuum services for oil-water separators, floor drains, sumps, pits, drain interceptors, overflowing storm systems, catch and drainage basins, sand traps and other non-hazardous oily waters and sludges. Depending on the size of your reservoir and nature of your business, and most importantly, to insure proper functioning to prevent pollution of surface and ground water, your oil-water separators need serviced every 6 to 12 months. In extreme situations, monthly to every 90 days.