Green-Tips Contain Mercury, Too

While they contain less mercury than regular fluorescent light bulbs, green-tipped fluorescent light bulbs still contain mercury. Waste containing mercury should not be thrown in the trash and end up in a landfill. Summit Reworks will accept and recycle your green-tipped and regular fluorescent light bulbs as well as other household hazardous waste. Summit ReWorks will re-open June 2, 2016.

We leave you know at...Fishers Island Oyster Farm. If you've never had a fresh shucked raw oyster, you don't know what you are missing. The suspension-culture oyster farm is owned by a married couple of entrepreneurs who "...built Fishers Island Oyster Farm [so] our lives and livelihood [would] be about working with nature, preserving family values, and giving back to others", Fishers Island Oyster Farm is a terrific and tasty example of sustainable farming at its best. 

Being one of the first off-bottom oyster farms on the East Coast, Fishers Island Oyster Farm has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience that they enjoy passing on to the next generation of aquaculturists. Whether it is showing their young, energetic farm crew the ropes or teaching high school students at the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, building a better future is just as important as providing for the present. 

Did you know that one small oyster can filter/clean 50 gallons of water each day?

Oyster farming is one of the most sustainable methods of aquaculture today, and the family-farmers at Fishers Island Oyster Farm actively ensure that their farming and business practices are environmentally-sound. For this reason, they see ourselves not only as oyster farmers, but also as "ecosystem facilitators" in practice and promotion. 

Their website describes best their briny treat: 

"Fishers Island Oysters can be reliably described as a brilliantly bold, Atlantic oyster that is punctuated by focused savoriness and a strikingly clean finish.  Depending on seasonal conditions you'll experience subtle fluctuations in every oyster that you taste, which means that the "merroir" is unique to the moment.  Throughout the year, Fishers Island Oysters will oscillate between having slightly rocky and earthy undertones to more poignant berry and mossy notes. The texture is pleasantly firm and springy, and the size and shape are designed for half shell consumption." 

If you live in Ohio like us, do fret. You can order Fishers island Oysters over the phone and they ship fresh from the ocean and you are shucking them 36 hours later. from September through April/May.